Family Law

Nothing is more important than your family.

Families are complex. Many issues go well beyond a divorce or child custody dispute. Our office has been helping people in complex family situations since our practice began. This includes adoptions, guardianships, grandparent and other third party custody claims, and everything in-between.

Your family deserves to be protected. Our attorneys will zealously represent you to protect what matters the most. We can act quickly to help prevent or minimize disruption, and to keep your family members safe.

Whatever your family law issue may be, we have the tools to help you, and the information to make sure you know your rights.

Child Support

Our firm can help guide you and provide information and help in deciding on a child support amount that is fair. It does not matter if you are the one paying support or the one receiving support. The purpose of the support is to support a child, but every party's income and job prospects should always be examined when determining the award.

Support is usually calculated using a formula that takes into account many aspects of the child’s life. These include:

1. The amount of overnights each parent has the child.

2. The amount of money each parent makes.

3. Child cares costs.

4. Health Insurance and its availability.

5. Support payments for other children.

Our firm will help you to understand how each of these affects the support amount you are awarded or ordered to pay.

The firm is also experienced in asking and having the court modify or change the support award as life circumstances change from the date of the initial award. Modifications are available in certain situations such as changing incomes, parenting plan changes, or life circumstance changes.


Oregon courts allow custody and parenting time to be modified and changed after a case is over. Our firm has extensive experience in helping and guiding parents through these times. There are many reasons why modification might need to happen but some of the most common ones are:

1. One parent moving a further distance away.

2. The child being put into a harmful or dangerous situation.

3. Illness.

4. Major change in circumstances.

If you believe that you have a situation that falls under one of those areas or even if the issue does not specifically fall under those areas, modification of custody and parenting time could be possible and you should seek out and meet an attorney. We would be able to answer your questions and help guide you to make the best decision you can under the circumstances.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparent rights in Oregon Courts are a tricky issue. There are many pitfalls and issues that a Grandparent must overcome to be granted visitation rights in line with a parent. Our firm is established and has handled many Grandparent rights cases. We are able to guide and help Grandparents navigate the complicated custody process and obtain the goals they want. We answer questions and offer frank advice and answers to them while the process moves forward. Our experience allows us to tailor our legal advice to every specific situation.

Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders are some of the most emotionally fraught cases. Our firm and attorneys are experienced with representing individuals at this high stress times. Timelines are often tight and the firm works to gather evidence and provide the expertise needed for you to prevail in these hearings.

A Family Abuse Restraining Order or "FAPA" can result in you losing custody, losing your home, and losing your ability to use firearms. These cases often set the stage for custody cases and divorce cases that follow and can have significant consequences that can follow a person long after the hearing is over. Our firm will answer your questions and provide answers and guidance and always be on your side in these situations.

Guardianships / Conservatorships

If you have a family member or loved one who is reaching a point where they cannot manage their own affairs, a guardianship and conservatorship are tools that can be used to appoint someone to help that person with their decisions. These tools can help you transfer control of financial or medical decisions to yourself or someone that is able to look out for your loved ones interest.

This step is never easy for the family or the loved one and our firm can help safeguard the protected person and guide you through this often stressful process. Our firm will provide answers to any questions you have and provide a helping guidance through the process.

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